Tuesday, November 15, 2016

On my needles: November

It's been a slow transition - from monogamous knitter to juggling several projects. But here I stand on the other side. My magic number seems to be two. Three max, but two is the sweet spot. One go-anywhere, straighforward knit that tends to live in my purse and one more complicated or large project that resides at home! This month my projects reflect this trend...

Lemongrass - Finally making use of the Cascade 220 that has resided in my stash for several years. I have had many ideas for this yarn but none came to be. Lemongrass has been at the top of my favorites for quite some time but with hesitation. I was immediately drawn to the sides but I'm not much for turtlenecks. But a recent perusal through finished projects reminded me that the answer was simple - knit it without the turtleneck! It's coming together quickly - helped along by the depressingly early dark nights in front of the tv over the last week. One more edging and then the (gulp!) sleeves...

Odele - This has been my takealong project. The smaller needles, fingering yarn, and the changing weather have slowed me down on this one. But I'm plugging along and anticipate (hope) to finish it by the end of the year. I'm loving my yarn choice - and fascinated by the addition of nettle fiber!

Barley #3 - After whipping one out for myself, I made one for our friends' daughter's (belated) first birthday. And it felt wrong to not make one for her big brother, too! A weekend trip to visit them has this hat gaining priority so that I can arrive with hats in hand for the kiddos! This is going to be a go-to pattern, for sure!

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